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Solar Power (2013)

by Lost World Band

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The Voyage 05:58
Metamorphoses Four elements moving circling round the time and clashing and changing The birds over valleys covered in the dust, but storm is the engine. And high in the air the heaven and the earth exchanging their places The mountains collapse to drown in the sea their glorious faces Destroyed by the time, decayed by teeth of age Old shapes disappear The river of lava raging through the ground hand-feeding the fear And hands of the fire are rising above but flame is the spear And clouds of memory cover the world rotating the sphere Things don't ever die, they vary and transform, and sum is still constant The deep of the sea is drying up to be a land of the cold sand.
Solar Power 04:42
Detached 03:41
Facing the Rain Skull of the clock, piles of tiles of numbers Handful of sand, sending layers to the sea Yearning of years, the recall of colors, Sweeping the swamp, freezing wind is playing pipes Watching the barbwire, hearing the kids cry Letters lepers liars tires life is light on the skin then in your dream and out of sight Trimming the trees, trading days to strangers Will of the walls driving water to the fall... Taking a dive into the sky, Facing the rain until its dry Glazing the clay, looking through the glass eye Waiting to hear for nothing to wait for
Nothing 03:13
Nothing Nothing comes to stay, nothing fades away Nothing's black or white, no one's wrong or right Nothing's high or low, moving fast or slow There is no darkness and light Nothing's grand and big, nothing's plain and weak Nothing's hot or cold, no one's young and old Nothings gonna last, nothing's dying fast There is no future and past There is no space, there is no distance There is no blindfold on your eyes, No contemplations, conversations, Argument or compromise Nothing's cruel and mad, nothing's to be said Nothing's calm and sane, no one is to blame Nothing's false or true, nothing blocks the view There is no “now” and “then” And there's no space and there's no distance The walls you see, they're in your head, No contemplations, conversations And no mistakes to regret
Your Name 04:04
Your name On the lap of darkness, in the gloss of snakeskin, On the rocks of madness your name lies On the steps of fear, in the sound of church bell On the clock of oblivion your time flies In the gate of fever, on the bed of silence, deep beneath the ocean your memory hides Dust and Earth Endless Smoke Faith Lies and Leaves Motions of the Wind 'Cross the sand stretches your way Fold your arms over the clouded shore High above the silent mountains, deep beneath the dreamy ocean Your name lies Your time flies Your memory hides In the mass of atom, in the touch of lightning Covered by the dim sky Your name lies.
Swept Off 04:35


released February 13, 2013


all rights reserved



Lost World Band New York, New York

Conceived by three friends, students of Moscow music college in 1991. Inspired by classical, pop, prog and modern music. Unusual lineup with the electric violin and flute sharing the lead.

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