Spheres Aligned

by Lost World Band

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Composed and recorded between November 2017 and December 2018 in New York and Moscow


released April 8, 2019

Andy Didorenko - violin, guitar, vocal
Vassili Soloviev - flute
Yuliya Basis - keyboards
Evgeny Kuznetsov - bass
Konstantin Shtirlitz - drums

Words and music - Andy Didorenko

Mixing and mastering - Alexander Akimov

Produced by Alexander Akimov and Andy Didorenko

(c) Lost World Band, 2019


all rights reserved



Lost World Band New York, New York

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Track Name: Dawn Day Dusk Night
Dawn Day Dusk Night

Dawn day dusk night

Daybreak awakes above the crowds
Past dies
Reflected in your eyes
The sun will split the skies and mesmerize

Dawn day dusk night
Track Name: Running In The Sun
Running In The Sun

Days are running
Trains are running
Streets are running
Trees are running
Running in the sun we are
Running in the sun

Hands are working
Brains are working
Teeth are working
Trees are working
Working in the sun we are
Working in the sun

Racing through the day in madness
Sleeping in the hay of sadness
Dodging from the claws of vultures
Digging through the earth and cultures
Digging through the sun we are
Digging through the sun

Paying through the nose and ear
Running down the hills of fear
Charging through the times and spaces
Burning our hands and faces
Burning in the sun we are
Burning in the sun

Days are flying
Planes are flying
Streets are flying
Pigs are flying
Flying in the sun they are
Flying in the sun

Birds are lying
Words are lying
Eyes are lying
You are lying
Lying in the sun we are
Lying in the sun

Love is day, dream is hope
Sun is hand, time is rope

Sun Sun Sun Sun

Wish is word, sand is sink
Light is glass, night is blink

Run Run Run Run

Days are pressing
Trains are messing
Don't you find it quite distressing
Running in the sun always
Running in the sun?

Teeth are gritting
Hands are knitting
Don't you sometimes feel like quitting
Working in the sun quitting
Working in the sun?
Track Name: Sail Away
Sail Away

Silent glow of the sea blurring the eyesight
Quiet murmur of the sea fades in the twilight
The wood is sleeping by the stove, fishes are singing
The eagle is soaring up above

Rain is breaking through the roof crushing the ceiling
Sky is solemn and aloof, clouds are reeling
The stars are falling from the moon dancing with planets
The day retires for the night

Sail away, glide along the windy shores
To the core of the silent universe
And the wrench inside your forehead
will unbolt the metal door
And your mind will fly wide open
Shining brighter than before

Thousand rivers cross your path sharp as a spear
Thousand minutes steal your time and disappear
The years are clicking in your ears slowing down
The wheels and gears of your heart
Track Name: Lighter Than Air
Lighter Than Air

You are lighter than air
Attached to no ground
You could fly anywhere
At the speed of sound

Lighter than air
No weight to bear

Pick up the vibrations
From all around
Free from limitations
You are skybound

Lighter than air
No grief to share

Dolphins cry
Stained glass eye

Weightless mind
Ocean flare
Pays the fare

Your laugh is infectious
Around the globe
Look up new directions
Through the telescope

Lighter than air
Too free to care
Track Name: I Am The World
I Am The World

Bewildered clock awakes and counts the time
Tall shadows roam the streets and tag along
I pour myself a drink and settle down
To scratch a line of lyrics for a song

The world has come to me in bits and pieces
I try to make them fit into my scheme
Some bits may talk, some bits are missing
And some can pierce my vision like a beam

The atom splits, the thunder strikes
The lion yawns and walks away
Above the earth, up in the skies
The angels sleep, but I'm awake

I see entire world in long perspective
It seems no bigger than a speck of sand
I count the stars, align the spheres
And I can make them turn at my command

I am the world, but the world is not I
I am the world, and the world's in my eye
I am the world, but the world is not I
I am the world
And then I stopped

I see empires fall, ambitions die
I see the comets jump into the sea
There's no more world around that I can find
There's no more world, there's only me

And I am the world, but the world is not I
I am the world, and the world's in my eye
I am the world, but the world is not I
I am the world
And then I stopped

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